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Expanding Globally in USA and Canada

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expanding vps hosting usa canada

Most important, we are pleased to announce our new data center locations: North America (California, Oregon, New Jersey and Missouri) and Canada (Montreal). In today’s word, customers are more demanding than ever. For this purpose in mind, we are expanding our services in response to customer demands globally. In addition to buy VPS in USA and Canada, we plan to continue global expansion and improvement of our services. We build and improve our services and solutions to help people turn their ideas into reality online.


VerticHost is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry. Due to global network, VerticHost opens new opportunities for customers who want to reach international markets, including North America. We are famous for unmatched customer care and industry-leading services. If you are interested in virtual privated server in the USA, you can order USA VPS hosting.

Managed VPS in USA

Likewise, you can order USA VPS with cPanel included. This makes us a prefect choice not only for developers, administrators and tech spcialists, but for beginners and small business owners. Also, you can order additional services, such backup and DNS configuration. In case you need to manage your virtual private server with ease, take a look at all US VPS hosting with cPanel.

VPS in Canada

In addition to VPS hosting services in North America, you have a great opportunity to expand your online project or business in Canada. Day by day, we’re working together in order to improve our hosting services and expand around the world. We’re happy to introduce new VPS hosting location – Canada. Now you can easily run your project and reach Canadian markets and audience. Learn more about VPS hosting in Canada.

Managed VPS in Canada

In addition to buy VPS in USA and Canada, we are offering managed virtual servers in Canada. This option is very beneficial, even if you do not have required tech experience and code knowledge to manage your VPS servers. Thanks to intuiive interface of cPanel, maagement is fast and easy. On top of this, you can take advantage of extra add-ons, including DNS configurations and backup services. See VPS with cPanel in Canada.

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