Windows VPS Server Hosting Now Available

buy windows vps

Windows is getting more and more popular year after year. We are excited to announce Windows VPS and dedicated servers. Significantly, Windows servers are more user-friendly compared to Linux virtual private servers. Likewise, you can easily access your VPS via Windows Remote Desktop (RDP). In addition, we make sure your server gets regular updates and remains secure.

Windows VPS in the USA

Many of our clients choose Windows as an operating system. Hence, we introduce Windows VPS and dedicated server plans in multiple locations worldwide. Now you can buy Windows VPS hosting, boost yor online presence and reach North America market. At VerticHost, all Windows VPS include RDP, KVM virtualization and unmetered traffic. IF you are interested in Windows servers, check our Windows VPS.

Windows VPS in the UK

We attach importance to our customer needs. We have designed Windows VPS and Windows dedicated hosting packages to fit all customer requirements. At VerticHost, we offer both Linux and Windows VPS plans. Moroever, all Windows VPS hosting packages include RDP, KVM virtualization and unmetered traffic. If you look for Windows virtual servers, explore our Windows VPS hosting.

Windows VPS in Romania

Presently, Windows-based VPS hosting has gained immerse popularity. This is why we deicaded to itroduce new virtual private server hosting plans based on Windows. On top of this, all Windows VPS hosting packages include remore desktop access, KVM virtualization and unlimited traffic. In case you are searching for the best Windows VPS servers, check out all Windows VPS hosting RDP.

Windows VPS in Russia

Windows VPS provides new opportunities for beginners and small business owners. For those, who love simplicity, convenience and flexibility, we have created Windows VPS hosting solutions. Now you have a unique opportunity to expand in Russia, as well. Windows VPS are aforable hosting services. If you need Windows VPS in multiple locations, learn more about our Windows VPS hosting plans.