My Account Charged but Service Not Activated Due to Cancelled or Fraud Status

This can happen with credit card payments when you make your first order with us.

If your order has been cancelled or marked as fraud, your transaction has been declined as well.

Your payment will be automatically refunded to your credit card. Generally, the refund process takes several days.

In most cases, the “pending payment” on your statement will be cancelled within a few days, and the balance will be returned to your account. In practice, this results in the transaction being canceled without appearing on your bank statement.

In some cases, if you have paid more than once, the other payments may be set to “uncaptured” status, and we will need to manually cancel or approve them. Please contact our Billing Team for further investigation of the status of your payment.

If you have not received a refund or your transaction was not cancelled within 10 days, you can contact us and we will provide you with payment details and a transaction number. With these details, you may contact your credit card issuer bank for further information.