Low/Limited Speed on My VPS Server

We provide unlimited bandwidth for all of our hosting locations, meaning you will not be charged for bandwidth usage.

However, excessive bandwidth usage may result in speed limitations being applied to your server. You can contact our Support Team to have these limits lifted, but if excessive usage continues, limitations may be re-applied.

If you suppose there are issues with network speed, we can only consider results from using professional network tools such as iperf3 tests for investigation.

Please note that speed tests or download speeds from remote hosts may not accurately reflect real network speed due to various factors, including the performance of the remote host. Real network speed can be accurately measured with iperf3 tests.

You can find the bandwidth speed limits for each location on our KB here. Additionally, we offer VPS servers with 1 Gbps bandwidth speed. For constant high-speed internet usage, we strongly recommend purchasing a Dedicated Server.