My Account Charged Twice or Double Payments

In general, the reason for double charges is when you have active PayPal subscriptions with us. Even if you have subscriptions, you can pay your invoice via PayPal or Credit Card prior to the payment date.

We consider these actions as your intention to extend your services in advance, and this payable amount is not refundable and cannot be recognized as a double payment. The subscription for payment is more valuable than a single payment because the subscription shows your intention to avoid service interruption due to non-payment.

We do not have any automatic settings to pause or stop charging your regular PayPal subscription payment. Payment will be collected automatically as subscribed. Any such overpayments are automatically added to your credit balance.

For overpayments, we will issue an invoice for prolonging your server for the next period in advance, and your credit balance will be applied to extend your service for a period according to your payment.

Please note that you are solely responsible for recurring subscriptions and cancellations. You may cancel your PayPal subscription using your PayPal account.

To prevent double payments, avoid paying your invoices if you have an active payment subscription.

If you have already paid twice and your service was extended to the next billing cycle, you can adjust the payment according to your billing cycle by canceling your PayPal subscription and resubscribing when a new invoice is generated.

Additionally, you may contact our Billing Team, and we will manually pause charges for your account until the due date for your service is adjusted.