How to Pay via PayPal without Subscriptions?

Our PayPal integration will enforce PayPal subscriptions for all recurring hosting services.

We cannot switch your payments to a “one-time” option. However, we can offer you “one-time” payments under the following conditions:

  1. If the invoice is paid AFTER the due date, the PayPal integration will not create subscriptions. You may contact our Billing Team to prevent your services from being suspended if the payment is not received on time. This will allow you a 7-day grace period after the due date for payments.
  2. If your billing cycle is 6 months or more, we can create a custom invoice for your service that does not enforce subscriptions. After your payment, please contact us, and we will manually adjust the due date for your service. One month before your renewal, you will receive a custom invoice as well. Due to the manual processing of payments, we can offer this option only for payments of 6 months or longer.