How to Update rDNS Records for Dedicated Server?

rDNS for IPv4

Currently, we do not support the option to update rDNS records for Dedicated Servers via the client area.

You can update rDNS records by submitting a ticket to our Support Team using the following format: your-rdns-record.tld

rDNS for IPv6

Please note that there are some limitations for rDNS for IPv6 on Dedicated Servers: 

We do not support rDNS records for IPs from /64 IPv6 subnets, except dedicated servers in Italy or Moldova.

For other locations such as Romania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, and USA, you may request to change rDNS records only for single assigned IPs. In these locations, we allocate 1 IPv6 or 2 IPv6 addresses routed to your server by default, and you can request up to 64 such single assigned IPv6 addresses. We can change rDNS records for these addresses upon your request.