How to Order VPS Hosting?

At VerticHost, ordering a VPS is a fast and easy proccess. we provide two options: you can choose from our VPS hosting packages or you can create your own custom VPS with specific configurations. Whether you need a VPS for hosting a website, running applications, or other tasks, this step-by-step guide will describe how to order a VPS from VerticHost.

Step 1: Choose Your VPS Plan

Discover the plans from VerticHost VPS Hosting page and choose a plan that best suits your needs. You will find four VPS plans tailored to different needs and budgets. Each plan will have details about the resources included, such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. Review these plans to determine which one best suits your requirements.

Once you have selected a plan, click on the "Order Now". For example, we have chosen BASIC VPS in USA.

Step 2: Configure Your VPS

You will be redirected to a configuration page where you can further customize your VPS.

Order VPS hosting online

a. Choose the Billing Cycle for Your VPS

In this step, you'll select a billing cycle that best suits your budget and needs. The billing cycle options include monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Order VPS hosting online

b. Choose the Operating System for Your VPS

Select between poopular options like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux. Next, you can select the operating system version you want to use.

Order VPS hosting online

c. Choose Additional IP Addresses

Select an extra IP address if required.

Order VPS hosting online

d. Choose the Location for Your VPS

For example, We have 7 USA VPS Hosting locations available: Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Secaucus and New York City. After all, you need to click on the button "Continue".

Order VPS hosting online

Step 3: Review Your Order

Review the configuration summary to ensure all selections are correct. This page will also display the total price for your VPS based on the chosen configuration options. Next, you will need to click on the button "Checkout".

Order VPS hosting online

Step 4: Create an Account

To proceed with the order, you will need to create an account or log in if you already have one. Provide your contact details, including your name, email address, and billing information. If you want to register a business account, you'll need to fill in your company name with optional VAT number. After this, you will need to generate a strong password for your account.

Order VPS hosting online

Step 5: Complete the Payment

Next, select your preferred payment method. VerticHost offers various payment options, including Credit Cards, PayPal and Bank Transfer. Enter the necessary payment details and complete the transaction. Do not forget to read and agree to our Terms of Service. After this, click the "Complete Order" button.

Order VPS hosting online

Step 6: Receive Your VPS Details and Access

After the payment is processed, you will receive a payment confirmation email. Shortly after, we will proceed with your order, and you will receive an activation email containing information on how to access your VPS, including the IP address and login credentials.

Step 7: Contact Support if Needed

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the order process,our support team is here to assist you. You can reach out via the client area for prompt assistance.

Ordering a VPS from VerticHost is a simple process designed to get you up and running quickly. With a variety of VPS Hosting plans and fantastic support, you can find the perfect VPS for your needs. Follow these steps, and you'll get your VPS server fast and easily. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.