How to Install an OS on VPS Hosting with Instant Activation

We offer instant activation VPS Hosting in many of our hosting locations.

This feature differs from our standard VPS Hosting in the following ways:

  1. You will choose only the Data Center Location. This list is adjusted according to our stock availability.
  2. Only the first two plans are available: Basic VPS and Plus VPS.
  3. Your server will be activated with one IPv4 address. If you need more addresses, you can contact us.
  4. Your operating system should be installed manually after the virtual instance is activated.

It is a very simple process. Please follow the instructions below:

After VPS activation, you will receive an email stating that your server is ready to use. You may need to log in to your client area, go to the product page, and navigate to the Control Panel.

You will automatically log into the Control Panel, where you will see your server with the status “Awaiting Setup” Click on it.

Setup Your VPS Server

On the new page, you will need to set up:

  1. The server name – This is a label for your notes. Set any preferred name.
  2. Hostname – Please indicate a server hostname in this format:
Select Server Name for Your VPS

3. Choose the desired Operating System.

Choose OS for Your VPS

Operating Systems are grouped by OS family. For example, you can select Debian OS, then choose your desired Debian version from the available distributions.

Choose Debian VPS Hosting

4. Enable IPv6 if you need it for your server.

5. Additionally, you may set up SSH keys to secure and quickly log in to your server.

Finally, click Install.

Setup Your VPS Hosting

Within moments, your server will be deployed, and you will receive credentials via email. If you have chosen SSH Key, you will receive only an activation notification.

Enjoy your server and have a successful project!