How to Update rDNS Records for VPS?

You can set up rDNS records via the control panel.

Please navigate to the “Services” section in the client area and select your service. Then, select “Open Control Panel”. You will be redirected to your control panel automatically

In the control panel choose your service and then click on the “Network” tab. On the network tab in the bottom you will find “Reverse DNS” button. 

Please allow us some time to approve the rDNS record change. After approval from our Support Team, you will receive a notification confirming that your records have been updated.

For many of our locations, it is necessary to add a forward record (A-record) before updating rDNS records.

For several services where no control panel is available, you can still update rDNS records by submitting a ticket to our Support Team using the following format: your-rdns-record.tld