Reasons to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

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At the present time, there are a wide range of hosting solutions, including web hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated server hosting. More and more small and large business owners across the globe switch to dedicated servers. In fact, dedicated hosting services or dedicated servers allow you to rent the entire physical server wihout your sharing resources. Moreover, you will have full control over your dedicated servers and your hosting environment. Let's take a look why dedicated server hosting might be a great option for your project:

Superior Performance

As a matter of fact, dedicated servers means much better speed and performance. Unlike traditional web hosting with shared resourses, you get full dedicated resources exclusively for your project. This is why dedicated servers are often known as bare-metal servers. Certainly, we provide only single-tenant environments and unmetered bandwidth.


At the same time, dedicated server hosting provide you a lot of customization option. This can be very important for fast growing websites or businesses. Based on your hosting needs and business goals, you can fully customize your dedicated servers. For example, you can increase RAM, add more SSD or HDD storage and even improve your network speed and bandwidth. In the future, you can add additional disks in order to improve your server performance and drive more traffic.


In reality, dedicated servers provide the highest levels of performance. It means that you can will be able to host multiple websites and web applications. For instance, you can host several projects on your dedicated server. Large websites or business apps can benefit from dedicated server performance, as well. In case you have high-traffic websit with billions visits daily, you should choose dedicated servers.

Dedicated IP Address

Compared to standard web hosting, you will get one unique geolocated IP adress which you do not share with anyone alse. Thanks to dedicated server hosting, you can significantly improve your site load times. As a result, you can improve SEO rankings, boost your customer experience, gain new customers and increase your sales.

Enhanced Security

In case you have an ecommerce store, finance app or project with sensitive data, dedicated server hosting is the best hosting option to fit your requirements. In fact, dedicated servers ensure the highest levels of security. So, you do not need to worry about your customer personal and financial data. Moreover, you can fully protect your dedicated server against DDoS attacks by ordering advanced DDOS protection.

Being one of the bare metal dedicated server provider, we offer a wide range of dedicated servers. Our popular dedicated server locations include:

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