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Why cPanel/WHM for Dedicated Servers

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Currently, cPanel is regarded one of the most powerful and easy web hosting control panel across the globe. This software is created for your seamless hosting experience. As a matter of fact, cPanel control panel is intended to make your server management easy. Also, our dedicated servers are fully optimized to deliver exceptional performance. At VerticHost, we offer bare-metal dedicated servers with unmetered bandwidth. Here’s great reasons why cpanel whm for dedicated servers:

Easy to Setup and Use

In fact, cPanel is an extremely easy-to-use software. No wonder, even small companies choose cPanel control panel. With the help of cPanel, you can deal with server management day by day without any hassles. What’s more, you can benefit from cPanel DNS management features. Being one of the best dedicated hosting provider, we will install cPanel to your server for free. So, you do not need to worry about installation process and extra fees. At VerticHost, you can easily choose and add cPanel control panel to your dedicated server during checkout process. Explore cPanel dedicated servers.

Innovate Features

Besides, cPanel is always evolving. New and new features are introduced in order to satisfy customer demands. cPanel allows to manage every aspect of your business online presence. For example, cPanel support email management and all mail protocols, including POP, IMAP, and SMTP (with or without SSL encryption). On top of this, cPanel generates web traffic reports and viewer statistics. Above all, you can intall in one click open-source shopping carts, content management systems, forums and much more. Finally, you will get ease of database management. Browse all cPanel dedicated hosting.


Equally important, cPanel is an affordable solution for server management compared to hiring technical specialists or server administrators. In particular, cPanel opens new opportunities for startups and small companies with low budget. Plus, you can take advantage of with great integartions of cPanel server with important solutions, such as WHMCS, Softaculous, Fantastico, CloudFlare, CloudLinux. VerticHost offers fast, reliable, and affordable dedicated servers with and without the control panel. See dedicated hosting with cPanel.


In addition, cPanel is extremely secure. Moreover, this management software has a lot pf security built-in features to improve the security of your dedicated server. As an example, hotLink protection tool and cPHulk management. It’s important for websites or apps with sensitive financial data. Choosing VerticHost, you choose superior and secure hardware and network. Also, all dedicated servers include unmetered traffic. Take a look at our dedicated server hosting with cPanel.

Customization and Branding

cPanel/WHM allows hosting providers to customize the interface with their branding, creating a seamless and branded experience for their customers. Administrators can configure custom DNS settings, reinforcing their brand identity and providing a more professional appearance.

Resource Monitoring and Allocation

cPanel/WHM provides detailed statistics on server resource usage. This information is valuable for administrators in monitoring and optimizing server performance. cPanel/WHM, administrators can set resource limits for individual accounts, preventing one account from monopolizing server resources and potentially affecting the performance of others.

cPanel/WHM stands out as a powerful and user-friendly control panel solution for dedicated server hosting. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive management capabilities, security features, and support for e-commerce and applications make it a preferred choice for both hosting providers and website owners. By leveraging the power of cPanel/WHM, administrators can streamline server management, enhance security, and provide a reliable and efficient hosting environment for their clients. If you understand reasons why cpanel whm for dedicated servers can be great, see our dedicated servers.

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