Interesting Facts about Linux

interesting facts about linux

There are 20,323,379 lines of code in the Linux kernel as of 2018. In addition, Linux is the single largest open source project in the world.

In fact, over 96.3% of the world's top 1 million servers run on Linux. Only 1.9% use Windows.

According to the recent Linux Kernel Development Report, the Linux operating system runs 90 percent of the public cloud workload.

Surprisingly, Linux now runs on all of the fastest 500 supercomputers in the world.

Ubuntu is the world's most widely used Linux-based platform.

Linux is used by every major space programme in the world, including NASA, the ESA and SpaceX.

The first version of Linux was released on September 17, 1991.

90% of Hollywood's special effects are made on Linux.

Ubuntu is the world's most widely used Linux platform.

Red Hat is the first billion dollar open source software company.

54.1% of professional developers use Linux as a platform in 2019.

Recent reaserches show that 83.1% of developers say Linux is the platform they prefer to work on.

The countries that use Linux the most are Russia, India and Cuba.

85% of all smartphones are based on Linux.

Of the top 25 websites in the world, only 2 websites aren't running on Linux.