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Free Magento Extensions

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free magento extensions

Today over 250,000+ merchants across the globe choose Magento as their ecommerce platform. In reality, Magento 2 is an open-source ecommerce platform which is perfect for the small and medium-sized companies. Furthermore, Magento is famous for high ecurity, fast page loading speed and customization options. No matter your ecommerce needs, there are lots of free Magento extensions which will be useful for your online store. If you’re looking for the best free Magento extensions, we have chosen the best free magento extensions for your online store:

Social Login

Social Login is an awesome Magento extension for your online store. As a matter of fact, Magento Social Login extension is designed for quick login to your ecommerce store without processing complex registration steps. Above all, this extension allows your customers to quickly login. Next, it features popover login form. Equally important, Social login extension has easy custom design in order to fit with any store design. In addition, you can increase signup rate up-by 30% with the help of this plugin. In case you need the best Magento hosting, you can explore our web hosting.

Search Autocomplete

Search Autocomplete is a free extension solution for Magento ecommece stores. In fact, this powerful product make search on your online store more intuitive. Also, you can enable a customizable AJAX pop-up for instant search results. Search Autocomplete extrention allow you to sell right from search queries. In detail, you can show ‘Add to Cart’ button right in the search results. Markedly, you can even highlight unique selling points in search results. For example, you can include product image, price, reviews/ratings, etc. in the results. Finally, you will get advanced search customization options. For instance, it’s possible to adjust search delay period of displayed search results. On the whole, Search Autocomplete provides seamless website performance by improving loading speed based on smart search queries caching. If you are interested in the fast Magento hosting, you can explore our web hosting.

Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) Tracking

Ecommerce UA GTM Tracking is other popular and free Magento solution. Thanks to this Magento extrention, you can track product impressions by position and product clicks in the Category Page, track product impressions and clicks by position in the Search Result Page. Next, you are able to track product impressions and clicks by position in the related, up-sell and cross-sell. Also, it’s easy to track the number of times a product was added to the shopping cart and the number of times removed from the shopping cart. Moreover, track the number of times a product was compared and added to wishlist and the checkout process. And, you can track each checkout step (billing, shipping, shipping options, payment options), track purchases with or without shipping and tax fees, track coupon usage. Additionally, Ecommerce UA GTM Tracking is multi currency and multi store ready. This Magento extension supports Google AdWords Remarketing Tracking and Google AdWords Conversion Tracking. See web hosting plans.


MatrixRate is one of the most powerful and popular free Magento extensions. In general, the MatrixRate shipping extension enables you to offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations. Due to MatrixRate, you can define different shipping rates according to destination, shipping method and the weight, price or quantity of an item. Since 2008, MatrixRate has become the most downloaded shipping extension on Magento. Above all, you can display multiple delivery methods for different locations, customize shipping rates based on destination, cart weight, subtotal or quantity. This Magento extension is widely used in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. See Magento hosting plans.

Enhanced SMTP

Enhanced SMTP is one of the most important free Magento extensions. Delivering messages is an important part of running an e-Commerce business and thousands of emails pass through Magento on daily basis. However, the emails that are sent by the default Magento process will probably end up in the Spam box and as a result, these emails don’t easily find their way to customers. With Enhanced SMTP, you can easily integraye any third-party SMTP server for your online store and makes it easy to configure all the necessary settings to avoid the problem of unrecognisable senders. You can use any reliable SMTP server to give your emails a higher chance of being delivered directly to your customers. Moreover, it keeps a log of every email sent through a Magento store and shows copies of sent emails. Browse Magento hosting.

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