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Magento vs OpenCart vs PrestaShop

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magento vs prestashop vs opencart

At the present time, more and more business owners are focused on eCommerce. In fact, online stores have become the best way to reach new markets and customers. Certainly, there are over 300 ecommerce platforms, but we will compare the most popular among them – Magento vs PrestaShop vs OpenCart. In this article you will understand advantages and disadvantages of every eCommerce platform and we hope that you will choose the perfect eCommerce platform that can fit your business needs and goals:


Magento is a free and open-source ecommerce platform written in PHP. As a matter of fact, Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms availble in the world. Moreover, such companies as Nike, Jack Daniel’s and Ford, run their online stores on Magento. Also, Magento is famous for powerful features and flexibility. For example, Magento support multi-currency and multi-payment from third-party integrations, including PayPal, eBay and more. And, this flexible ecommerce platform allows business owners to have up to 50,000 products on each website. In reality, approximately 6,000 free and paid Magento extensions are avaialble to extend the functionality of your online store. Moreover, you will have endless customization options in case you have coding knowledge and technical skills. In addition, Magento is one of the most SEO-friendly ecommerce solutions.


PrestaShop is a freemium, open source ecommerce solution, written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system. These days, more than 300,000 online shops wordldwide choose PrestaShop as the ecommerce solution. Not to mention, PrestShop is available in 75 different languages. Singnificatntly, this ecommerce solution is fmous for user-friendliness. As a result, you don’t have to be tech-savvy o modify PrestaShop. Thanks to PrestaShop, you can launch you ecommerce store faster and easier. Moreover, PrestaShop comes with 500+ built-in features, including marketing and promotion, analytics and reporting, aadvanced tracking system, shipping, payment and taxes. Besdies built-in features, more that 25,000 plugins and extensions are available to customize PrestaShop.


OpenCart is an open source PHP-based shopping cart solution using a MySQL database and HTML components. Nowadays, OpenCart powers more than 342,000 ecommerce stores across the globe. First of all, this ecommerce solution shows impressive site speed thanks to AJAX technology. In contrast to Magento, OpenCart is easy to set up and use beacuse of online technical documentation and intuitive interface. This way, even inexperienced users can run and manage their online stores. Furthermore, Opencart is an affordable ecommerce solution. In reality, you get access to over 13,000 extensions and plugins, such as unlimited product, product categories, payment methods, shipping, backup tools, product reviews and ratings and more. Fortunately, lots of them are free. Above all, OpenCart offer multilingual and multicurrency support. All in all, this ecommerce platform is a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

We hope that our article Magento vs OpenCart vs PrestaShop will help you to find the right CMS for your ecommerce business. If you are searching for the best VPS hosting for your online store, check our Europe VPS, Canada VPS, UK VPS and USA VPS.

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